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Case Examples

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Case #1


This case came into the Office of the Public Administrator in 2007 from Adult Protective Services.  I was a paralegal for the Public Administrator at the time.  Our office was appointed as the Special Conservator to do a full audit of all bank accounts and all properties owned by the client as it was suspected that a family member had stolen money and possibly quit claimed property into her name.  My role was to examine all of the evidence and to complete the audit of the case.  The case went to a full jury trial in 2009 and a private conservator was appointed to manage the estate after the trial was concluded.   At this time, the estate was worth approximately $6.5 million.  In 2013, I became partners with the private conservator and began managing the client’s assets.  In 2015, the attorney for the Medical Power of Attorney requested that I become the sole Conservator.  This estate is worth approximately $3 million to include 2 rental properties, real estate and investments.

Case #2


In 2012, I was appointed as Successor Conservator for a man who was in a serious car accident in 1997 and awarded a large amount of insurance funds to manage his care.  Prior to my appointment, there were three previous conservators, both large trust companies.   Because of the complexities of the case, and the turnover in trust companies, the attorney for the guardian and the trust company, felt that a private, professional fiduciary would be best suited to handle the assets, the ward, and his family.  This estate is worth approximately $1.8 million which includes real property and investments.

Case #3

Power of Attorney/Personal Representative

In June of 2015, I was contacted by Adult Protective Services of El Paso County to investigate a case involving a man who was living alone in his residence with no electricity or running water.  This man is 59 years old and was extremely depressed by the loss of his wife and father.  He stopped paying all of his bills, stopped eating and bathing and cut off all communication to the outside world.  I was asked to became his Power of Attorney.  As such, I marshaled all assets, found an assisted living facility that could help him get back on his feet and began investigation into the case.  As the investigation progressed, I found that the gentleman had a very large estate and was also inheriting a large amount of funds from his deceased father.  

I started a probate estate for his father and began the process of marshalling his assets as well. 

I am sure that this man would be willing to speak on my behalf, if asked, as he has capacity to do so.

Case #4

Estate/Personal Representative

I was contacted in June of 2015 by two opposing attorneys to audit an estate in which two sisters were arguing wrong doing in the financial affairs of their mother prior to her death.  These two attorney’s contacted me because of my extensive experience in auditing and managing estates while working for the Public Administrator.  At this time, the case is still ongoing, and I am still conducting a full extensive audit from 2007-2014.

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